How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Decorations?
Nicole Dieker

I still use the tree topper gold star that my mom used when I was a toddler. It has never even occurred to me to do a theme tree with different ornaments. I don’t even have glass balls on my tree, just the garbage mis-matched ornaments of a lifetime.

I did have to buy 2 strings of lights this year for the tree because the 3 strings I have weren’t enough for me (they probably were enough for other people). I usually end up buying meaningful ornaments as they come up (we got one for Pepper, one for our anniversary trip to Portland, and one for our 1st Christmas living together). I have a ceramic ornament of a partridge in a pear tree that my mom made in high school, an angel made out of a styrofoam egg carton I made in preschool, several ornaments made throughout my childhood by me or my mom. An ornament gift tag that’s a snowman that came on a present and my mom wrote “Love, Mom” on it.

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