Sorry to hear you’re depressed.
Triple Oxer

I think it’s partly the season, partly that it was one year since my therapist Marcie passed, partly I’ve been feeling down lately about social stuff and feeling like I don’t have any friends, plus my weight has been steadily creeping up and I feel out of control of my body and can’t seem to get back on track, then BF and I had got into a squabble about something stupid. Oh, and I might be pms-ing. So basically everything? lol I definitely feel worn out from having so many feelings this weekend.

I’m sorry you’re feeling depressed too! I definitely think some of it is the weather/season. February/March are always kind of tough. Winter is tough. November/December are always so busy with holiday stuff and winter is just starting and still kind of pretty and nice to be bundled up. Then January is like a welcome relief from all the running around of the previous two months and it’s nice and cozy, or hygge as the bloggers are saying these days. Then February/March are just dark and gross and cold and leftover snow and stagnant and sluggish. Usually by April it feels like we’re all yearning towards spring and hopeful/optimistic about the summer ahead.

Either way, I feel you. It doesn’t matter why you’re down if you’re down, you just *are*. I hope you feel better and find something that makes you feel good (hobby? trying something new? doing something out of the daily routine can sometimes help me break the cycle).

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