We’re Happier if We Pay Someone Else to Do Our Chores
Nicole Dieker

I’m probably a terrible person and in light of all my posts about student loan debt ruining my life I probably shouldn’t even do this. probably. BUT — I outsource my laundry. There’s no laundry in my building and the place down the street is dark and awful and it’s just TOO MUCH to sit there for 2 hours and do my laundry. It costs me about $23 every 2(ish) weeks and for me it is SO worth it. I’ve spent probably almost $3,000 on laundry since I started doing this in 2012 and I’m ok with that because I’ve also saved like 240 hours of my life.

breaking it down per year, I spend $552 on laundry ($23 x2 month x12 months) and save 48 hours. If I went to the laundry place myself, it costs $3.25/wash & going every 2 weeks I have two loads so $6.50 just to wash my clothes. Spreading the clothes into 3 dryers for faster drying would still end up costing $~3.75 to dry everything so $10.25/2 weeks. which means sending my laundry out is actually only costing me an extra $306 a year. A box of dryer sheets and a big bottle of laundry detergent run about $20 total so I’m paying about $286 extra a year.