Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m so happy it’s the weekend, this has been a very, very long week. Today after work I’m just going home. We’re dog-sitting for BF’s sister so taking him for a walk and then scaring the crap out of him when I sweep and vacuum. Planning to watch TV (literally JUST started Game of Thrones) and do some hand-sewing for my hexagon cat pillow. I’m pretty sure I have leftovers for dinner and if not BF’s sister made banana chocolate chip muffins so I’ll have one of those, $0

Tomorrow I’m getting a purple glaze since my hair has turned… gray… as the purple washed out. This will be the last purple try. After that washes out I’m going to have them dye it back to my natural dark brown. With tip probably, $65 (hopefully no more).

Sunday we’re taking the bus up to NH to visit my family since my favorite cousin and her husband are in from Chicago. I’m paying for BFs bus ticket since it’s 2 hours each way and it’s my family and it’s going to be a long day for him. I’ll probably buy us bus treats too. $75

$150 because I just remembered I need to buy a book of stamps (my student loan servicer made a clerical error and my FICO went from 710 to 663 so I am writing to everyone under the sun to fix it)

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