Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

It’s a short week and then Thanksgiving aka a 4 day weekend!

Friday I went to CVS after work, I don’t even remember what I bought, $14.50. then I watched tv and pet the cat.

Saturday I deep cleaned my kitchen and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees and cleaned all the cat stuff out of my bedroom and peapod came and the whole day was exhausting. I realized I forgot to pick up my prescription at CVS so I went back for that and tums and Prilosec, $18.90.

Sunday we went to brunch, $21, and then I had to go to cvs AGAIN because someone died and I needed to buy a sympathy card and they had a laser for the cat so another $9.01. Picked up my laundry, $28.60. Later we went to BF’s brother’s place to watch the WWE paper per view. I got the uber to south station, $6.22, and he got my train ticket. We split a milkshake, $4.

I also put in an old navy order, $20 for a Christmas present and $146.90 on stuff for me (I’m sure I’ll return some of it)

Estimated ~$100, spent: $269.13. if I don’t count old navy it’s $102.23 though, which was about what I estimated. (I have no idea why I wouldn’t count old navy, but whatever)

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