Saving Is Now “Hoarding”
Nicole Dieker

my rent went up $200 last August and is going up another $150 this September. We’re below market for the neighborhood (but our building is also in worse shape than literally any market-priced apartment).

I also feel like no one can do anything right with money any more, depending on what you’re reading. “anticipating volatility” is essentially saying we’re waiting for DTs terrible twos to kick in next year.

I hoard money because I have an uncertain future in my apartment and I will have to move with not a lot of notice and that will be insanely expensive because for some god awful reason it’s totally legal to charge: first, last, security, broker’s fee — all equal to one month. It would also be nice to own a home some day, maybe?

and are people really hoarding money or are we all just trying to pay our insane student loan debt?