A Friday Chat About Taxes
Megan Reynolds

my taxes are stupidly straightforward (single, I own nothing, I pay student loans, I have 1 W2 and employer sponsored health insurance) so I do them myself for free on H&R block. I usually have to pay to file my MA state taxes online but for some reason this year it was free so I went that route. I don’t claim anything on my W2 so I usually get a lot back. this year state and federal combined were $3k. I’ve gotten my federal taxes back but my $450ish state taxes seem to be stuck in limbo.

of the $2,630 back in federal:
$2,100 went immediately into savings
$200 went to an extra student loan payment
$100 went to valentine’s things 
$50 went to starting a new quilt
and $180 was just absorbed into daily spending while I was figuring everything else out. I am irritated at the way money slips through my fingers like water.

I want to upgrade to the iphone 7 plus with my state taxes but I am anxious about spending that much money so maybe not. tbd.

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