Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Staycation was a huge success. I actually am going to do a roundup of how much money I spent, just because I’m curious, so here we go.

Saturday in Providence
Dunkin Donuts for breakfast: $8
Uber to South Station: $6.82
Commuter rail ticket: $10.50
Dinner at Los Andes: $30
Drinks at Ogie’s: $24
Uber to the show we went to: $5

Hungover Dunkin donuts: $11
SoWa — Lemonade, donut muffin, tiny cupcake: $8
CVS run (I forget what I bought): $25
Dinner at Loco: $21

Zero spend day. KonMari’d my life $0

Pick up Laundry $30
ATM, spent on breakfast/other throughout the week: $60
Dinner delivery: $20
Konmari’d my life $0

Coffee and Union Square Donuts: $10
Coffee and a raspberry lime rickey at JP Licks: $10
Shake Shack $16
Harvard Natural History Museum: free

Zero spend day, KonMari’d my life: $0

Food/snacks at CVS $22
KonMari’d my life: $0

Somerville Theatre movie ticket: $10
Dinner at Posto: $30
JP Licks ice cream: $5
Starbucks coffee $6

Zero spend day, KonMari’d my life: $0

Total spent over a week-long vacation:$368.32. because I’m probably forgetting odds and ends I’m ok rounding up to $380.

Most productive staycation of my life. Usually I get depressed and aimless around day 3 but it was super relaxing and wonderful. On BF’s days off we relaxed and did fun things together and on the days he worked I hung out with him in the morning and then tackled various areas of the apartment. I threw away 8 bags of garbage, and have 1 bag I brought to work to dump in our locked shred bins. 19 bags to go to goodwill. I still have a hallway closet, my kitchen, the bathroom closet, and a shelf jam packed with pictures to go through so I’m guessing another 4–5 bags of trash and another 2–3 bags to donate. I didn’t get rid of things quite as ruthlessly as Marie Kondo suggests, so I have a feeling I’ll have a second pass of everything when we move in September.

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