Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Well, I really want to go to an outside happy hour this afternoon but BF is convinced there were be no seats available anywhere. Specifically, I want to go to the Salty Pig and they don’t take reservations. I am imagining us both on the sidewalk hot and cranky, so we’ll see how this goes! If we can’t go there, then I’ll try to find something on open table for any time this afternoon/tonight and we’ll eat an ice cream and hang out somewhere while we wait.

No other real plans this weekend. I want to do some light cleaning since I’ve been too sick to do much the last couple weeks with this kidney infection (which I think is mostly gone?). I might go to SoWa since it’s supposed to be temperate this weekend. If I do I’ll probably buy a donut and maybe a candle or a necklace.

So, loosely, maybe $100–150.