Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Yay Friday! it’s January 8th and I’ve already accomplished one of my biggest financial goals for the last 3 years - I got approved for a credit card! My credit has been in the toilet due to some motherly interference in my late teens so I’ve been trying to rebuild it the last few years. When I opened an account with the credit union at work I tried and was immediately rejected. After a LOT of work I applied earlier this week and was approved for their rewards card! My goal now for the year is to make a couple purchases a month (probably mostly groceries) and immediately pay it off to get my credit into even better shape, and then hopefully next January/February open a credit with better/travel rewards and keep building. Maybe I actually *will* be able to buy a home some day.

Plans for this weekend: need to buy something to supplement my lunch today ($5), brunch tomorrow ($20), going to see Sisters tomorrow with the BF ($15), a friend’s birthday party Saturday night ($40), and laundry ($30).

Maybe total around $115