Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

yay weekend! 7 more days until my roommate moves out!

Hopefully somewhere in the department will have free lunch today so I don’t have to buy it, but if I do, $8. Today after work I’m going to the farmer’s market because all I want for dinner is tomatoes and goat cheese on bread so I need to get those 3 things. I also need a green pepper and some mushrooms for tacos on Sunday. total: $20? I noticed this morning that both my coffee creamer and my eggs are expired so I’ll probably stop into CVS for both, $8

tomorrow just being lazy and recovering from a super long work week, then heading to Walpole to see my friend’s new apartment. I said I’d bring a few bottles of wine (there’s 6 of us) and I already have 2 at home I want to bring so probably another $12 for a cheapish bottle.

Sunday probably getting a quick breakfast and then some cleaning and prep for the week. I’ll probably drop my laundry off, $30.

total weekend estimate: $78! (Really hoping this does turn out to be a weekend under $100!)

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