Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

you guys, it’s been an expensive little whirlwind. The trip to Portland was wonderful and just what we needed (and very $$). The night before we left, however, the hot water tank in the apt 2 floors above me exploded, flooded the apt above mine, and through my bathroom ceiling. at 3:30 am. I cleaned up as best I could (while my roommate just stood in the doorway and watched me) and my landlord was sending people on Monday but when I got back on Wednesday my apt hadn’t been touched and now there’s this weird/awful smell that is either a dead mouse or spoiled milk throughout my entire apartment and I can’t find the source and it’s MISERABLE. So, any relaxing feelings from the trip disappeared within 5 minutes of getting home :(

I’m hoping for a cheap weekend. mostly because I’m broke right now. BF wants me to meet him after work so I’ll head downtown unless it’s raining. Not sure what we’ll do, maybe ice cream, $10.

Saturday I want to try to do some deep cleaning to figure out this smell situation. Then I’m going to a friend’s goodbye party, $10 for cabaret, $30 for drinks, $10 ride home.

Sunday more cleaning, more time at home. I have no idea. I started a new anxiety medication and it is making me cranky and irritable so I hate everyone and everything and especially my roommate who did nothing to help with anything this week but made a bigger mess while we were gone (she is leaving end of September).

So, hoping I spend under $75 this weekend.

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