“Recharge, relax, Re-Emote”

Lights were blinking about on a black device a size of a shoe box. Rummaging through the packaging scattered on the floor, he found the instructions.

“Place the pads on the… check. Select the emotions to… check. Proceed to sleep. Ayos.” He crawled up his bed and stared at the ceiling for a while.

“86,999 fucking pesos,” he said as he slowly dozed off.

The sun was shining in his eyes as he woke up. The sky was a cerulean glaze and the breeze was cool to the skin. A rare sight now that the -ber months were ushering in typhoons and flash floods. But all he could think of was what a good sleep he had. It felt like he had the energy he was used to just wishing for at 6:30 in the morning.

That emotion eraser paid off. “Wow. Now this is how to start a morning,” he thought.

He turned on his TV and watched the news. Same old things. A politician accused of plunder, another politician once accused of illegal gambling is now a senator, and of course the never ending problem of transportation.

A tear fell from his eye. His heart was sinking while listening to the beeps and commotion of the televised traffic jams all over the metro. It was depressing. One channel after the other, he felt the helplessness crawl up his spine. He was getting goosebumps as he was sitting up in a fetal position, trying to keep himself steady as the saddening pieces of news were barraging his short-lived, relaxing, and happy morning.

“Recharge, relax, Re-Emote”

He took a nap.