Different Types of Newspaper Advertisement

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Now a day’s without advertisement you can’t promote your business. Newspaper advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising we see today and is still the first kind of advertising that businesses think about doing. Generally companies have three primary categories of newspaper ads to use when advertising. These types include display or box ads, inserts and classifieds. Some businesses use all three, while others focus newspaper messages on one format. Below you find what are the main types of advertisement we see in the newspaper?

1. Classified Advertisements:
They are small insertions chargeable per word. Classified advertisements are sub-divided under headings like public appointments, situations vacant, situations wanted, matrimonial, educational, to let, business, property, court and company notices, tender notices, public notices, auction notices, etc.

2. Display Advertisements:
Display ads run from one-eighth of a page up to one full page. They cover every-day life products like cosmetics, domestic items, kitchen ware, electronic goods, sanitary products, etc. They are known as box ads, because they occupy a square or rectangular space, similar to a box, within a particular newspaper page. The larger the space, the greater the expense. However, half-page or full-page display ads attract much more attention than smaller box ads.

3. Insert Advertisement:
An insert ad is a full-page included with the distribution of a newspaper issue. The advertiser’s rate is based largely on circulation, though you have to pay for the production costs on the flyer as well.
A primary advantage of an insert ad is that it stands alone. Readers pull the insert out of the paper to look at it. Newspapers typically allow you to distribute inserts to select markets, enabling greater cost control. As a result, inserts are a lower-cost alternative to direct mail for many small businesses.

4. House Ads
Another type of ad you typically see in newspapers is house ads. These are ads placed by the publisher to promote the value of purchasing ad space. While most publishers include some house ads in each edition.

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