Stellar Content Battle #1 — Results

Nov 29, 2019 · 2 min read

The Stellar Content Battle is a community-driven (and funded) contest. Content writers are asked to write content on a specific subject. The best submissions win (part) of the community-funded prize pool. Read more here.

It is very special that the first Battle reached a total prize pool of 2073 XLM, with 5 excellent submissions! Thank you to everyone who was involved!

The First Battle

The first subject to write about was: “How to use Keybase to send Value”?

A total of 5 writers submitted an article. Through a community voting round the winner was picked. A total of 23 million photons (Stellar Reddit community points) were used to determine the winner(s).

The winners

#1 u/anzqa |35.6% of votes | 738 XLM

With the article: Keybase: Stellar — Payments manual

#2 u/blockonomy | 22.6% of votes | 468 XLM

With the article: “Stellar trustlines, don’t trust, verify”

#3 u/KNP1231 | 21.8% of votes | 452 XLM

With the article: “Keybase manual in Korean”

#4 u/mojoflower | 18.4% of votes | 381 XLM

With the article: “Stellar trustlines explained”

#5 u/rvadom| 1.7%| 37 XLM

With the article: “Lumens (Midlothian)”

All winners just received their winnings through Keybase (if you did not prove your Reddit account, please do so to claim the prize).

The next round

The next round of the content battle will start soon. It will be a three-step process:

  1. A voting round on the subject
  2. Prize pool funding opens for the community
  3. A voting round on the submitted articles

In the keybase group “Contentbattle” we will determine a set of possible subjects, which will be voted on on the Stellar sub-Reddit. If you have good ideas for content, or want to contribute in the brainstorm, please join the group.

If you are a company building on Stellar and want to sponsor a contest, please get in touch too!

Funding the prize pool

This contest is by the community and for the community. Together we can push for more relevant content!

If you would like to donate to the second round already, you can by sending funds to: Stellarbattle* or the following public key:


Thanks again to everyone that contributed, let’s make the second round an even bigger success!


Wouter — (Pickingunicorns)

*Disclaimer: Amounts are rounded to nearest XLM. Some funds were sent after the closing of the current voting round, these will be used for the next round.


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