The power of a Stellar Community

The Stellar community can now push for specific content through the community drive Stellar Content Battle.

Oct 28, 2019 · 3 min read

Good content on cryptocurrency projects is sometimes hard to find. The Stellar community, for example, has been looking for more and better content for quite some time. Most often, the Stellar Development Organization is the usual suspect that is asked to write more content. But, in line with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, can’t we do this more decentralized?

The short answer is; YES WE CAN!

So, how do we create more content together?

  • We can only do this if we do it together. That’s why we need the power of the community.
  • It should be fun. Who doesn’t like a little competition?
  • And finally, we need some incentives, which is why we need cash.

Let’s summarize that:

We need a community-driven competition, where writers try to earn cash, by writing specific content that the Stellar community is asking for.

Introducing the Stellar Content Battle

In this competition, the Stellar community will decide on a weekly basis, what content they’d like to see. Writers will then write articles to compete for the weekly prize pool. This prize pool is funded by the community itself.

This does a few things:

  • Writers know what content the community wants to read, this makes it much easier to write things that people want to read.
  • The community now has a way to push for more relevant content.
  • Writers of content know beforehand what they can earn by writing articles.
  • Community members have a way to contribute to the growth of the Stellar ecosystem (by donating to the weekly prize pool).

How does it work

The program consists of three simple steps: (1) Determine the weekly subject, (2) Donate to the prize pool, (3) vote for winner(s).

1. Determine the weekly subject

In the Keybase team “contentbattle” a weekly vote will decide what content is asked for. This week the first subject is:

2. Donate to the prize pool

Community members can donate to the prize pool, that is located in this wallet:


3. Vote on the winners

The articles will be featured in a community vote. Everybody can vote for 1 article. The prize pool will be divided based on the percentage of votes an article has received.

The first battle

Thanks to a group of very awesome community members, the prize pool currently already stands on $135 worth of Lumens. To earn (part) of this pool, content writers are asked to write about the following:

How to send value through Keybase. The article includes print screens and instructions on for example:

  • How to accept trustlines (what are trustlines)
  • How to evaluate a trustline (anchor)
  • How to accept other assets
  • How to send X, while the other receives Y
  • What teams to join
  • How to send XLM to someone that does not have keybase installed yet (to a Twitter handle or phone number for example).

How to submit

Please submit your article trough this Reddit thread.

I hope many of the Stellar community will participate in this contest, either by donating or by writing.

Together we can achieve a lot!


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