How to Counter and Beat Utility Supports | Day 5/30

Support has been dominated by utility champions for a while now and can be are currently very strong because of the items they buy however there are ways to beat them. Janna is by far the best support right now because of the peel potential that she provides for her team. But how exactly can you beat a utility peel support?

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Play Engage

There are many champions that have some sort of hard CC or engage. Playing a champion that has this sort of engage is good vs most peel supports. Supports that are strong vs these utility supports are Thresh, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Rakan and Leona. Here is a few reasons why;

You can Roam

If your champion is somebody who can engage then you have the possibility to roam and help other lanes. Roaming is crucial in stale mate lanes where it is hard to get kills. Peel supports such as Janna have a hard time roaming compared to champions such as Thresh or Alistar so you can abuse this.

Check out this guide to know when you should be roaming.

Deny CS and farm

Because you are a tank that can jump on the enemy at any given moment-you have the opportunity to deny enemy CS and XP by using your champion as a body guard protecting your minions. To do this stand in front of your minions near the enemy minions. If the enemy wants to farm, they will have to go into range of your abilities, making you a threat of killing them, a good adc will freeze the wave so you can do this easier.

Fight Early and Pick your Fights

Winning a lane in the early game is very important and can make the game easier. One way of doing this is to fight early. Fighting vs these supports can completely change the early game for them making them have to play much safer than usual. This also gives you the advantage in lane to allow you to do the things listed above.

Picking your fights and playing around ability timers is a very good way of improving your laning phase. For example, if i am playing Thresh and I see the enemy ADC has wasted or used their escape ability, I will then engage on them. Another example is when you’re playing vs Janna and she uses her E or Q, when she has used that ability you can then engage.

Beating the enemy utility support also depends on your ADC, so some of the information isn’t always viable for every game.

If you Can’t play vs Utility Supports

Just farm

Just farm and try to gain an advantage through rotations and gaining a CS lead. A small advantage is better than no advantage. You can become more useful if you help your team with rotating and roaming. If you are playing in an incredibly difficult lane, with no chance of killing the enemy then you should just farm.

Can’t Beat them? Join them

Utility supports are very strong in the current meta. If you cannot play an engage champion such as Blitz, Thresh, Rakan or Alistar then i would suggest playing a utility support instead. If you can’t beat them, join them!

Overall, utility supports are one of the hardest to beat in lane, they provide so much to their team which can make it very hard to play against. I have listed some things you can do to beat that enemy peel support and hopefully get you the win but beware, some of the information will not work for some supports because of their kits and over game factors, such as minion wave, enemy ADC, and your ADC. Just try your best to deny the enemy as much as possible and be as useful as you can.