How to Play against Every Support in League of Legends

Today, We will discuss how to play against every support champion in League of Legends. Please note some information is generalised to save time.

Alistar Alistar is a tanky champion with lots of CC. In the early game you should poke him down so it would be suicide for him to go for a combo. Alistar heal was recently reworked so he cannot use it as freely. Alistar can do really strong layered CC via his WEQ combo. Alistar can W on to any enemy including minions and monsters, keep that in mind when positioning in lane as he might just W on to minion, flash and Q you.

Bard Do not stand behind minions because his Q can stun enemies if it goes through 2 units or hits terrain. His ultimate is a game changer and if he seems to “randomly” use his ultimate in lane, then it is probably because he is getting ganked. If you see him ulting you then I suggest flashing away or trying to dodge it. He can be quiet squishy early game so poke him down and make him back early. He gains XP from his Meeps so keep that in mind that he will hit level 2 earlier than the ADC.

Blitzcrank You need to stand behind minions and not get caught by his Q. His Q does not go through minions so you should stand behind them. If he wasted his Q you need to push up and play aggressively. If you can poke him early game it will make it near impossible for him to go for a hook because it would be suicide. In this match up you want to play a tank because if you are a squishy champion one hook and you will be dead.

Braum In this matchup you want to focus on poking him down early game, early levels before he has his shield is when he is most vulnerable. Braum is melee so use this to your advantage and go for trades and poke when he goes to use is targons. If braum ults then you should presume that he is getting a gank, Braum is a champion that excels vs heavy poke lanes or heavy auto based team comps- it is best to play something tanky into him to protect your ADC from his engage but also not play a squishy champion because of Braums CC.

Janna Is a rather frustrating champion to lane against, because she constantly sheilds her ADC. She can also use her Q to prevent many combos. In this matchup you want to focus her because she can be quiet squishy especially early game. If she gets cocky or wastes some of her abilities such as her Q or Shield then you should play aggressive.

Karma will poke you a lot early game, you need to stay out of the range of her abilities, hiding behind the minions will reduce her damage output. Karma has insane damage early and is quiet easy it is quiet proc thunderlords on her. You should focus on trying to poke her down so it becomes dangerous for her to to walk up and poke you. Karma can be quiet squishy so you should use this to your advantage early game.

Leona Leona is very squishy early game and should be exploited because she is melee so if you can poke her. Her combo’s can be interrupted as well. If you can play safe in the early levels especially level 1,2 and 3 when her combo is at it’s strongest. In team fights leona will be really tanky, but once she has used her combo she will be out of position. You can use this to your advantage.

Lulu will poke you a lot in the early game. Her auto attack damage stacks up very quickly so make sure not to get poked down by her. She can also do insane burst damage if she takes thunderlords so you need to be aware of her damage output. Lulu is easy to play against if you can poke her down or CC her early game, this is because she is incredibly squishy and easy to kill. You need to play a ranged champion to win against her as melee champions will have a hard time in the laning phase, her W can stop you from doing your combo’s aswell.

Morgana Is a hard champion to play against as she counters a lot of champions that have CC such as blitzcrank and Thresh. Her black shield is strong because it can stop CC, however it relys on the user to have fast reactions to surprise abilities. You should use this as your advantage, by hiding in the bushes and leashing surprised atacks, if it is not warded this attack should work.

Nami can be hard to play against because she has a heal and a bubble that can CC and her W is a slow. However she is very squishy early so you should try to poke her as much as possible and make her waste all her mana on healing her not the ADC. Nami is a very squishy champion so having either high damage or crowd control will make this lane much easier.

Rakan is squishy early game and you can use this to your advantage. Rakan has a lot of escape abilities and can be hard to trap with CC. Rakan will not do a lot in the early game because he can’t do much. You should push this and do something instead. If you can play aggressive early and exploit his early useless-ness then the lane should be okay. In team fights Rakan will protect his ADC very well so it’s best to try and catch somebody.

Sona is really squishy early game. She can do a lot of birst damage if she builds early AP, if this is the case then you should stay next to your adc and try to not get attacked by her. Because she is so squishy you can easily land CC and chunk her down. Her abilities are on a long cooldown with high mana costs so you should be able to kill her if she runs out of mana.

Soraka Soraka is really squishy early game. She can heal champions a lot which can cause her to be even squishier. Soraka can be killed quiet easily if you land CC on her, it is best to focus her with auto damage and chained CC in the early game and team fights. In high damage lanes with early game ADC’s Ignite should be taken to score easier kills and reduce health regeneration and healing.

Tahm Kench is very tanky early game because of his shields. If you are playing a champion with CC then you can chain him so he is unable to activate his grey health. In this matchup I suggest that you focus on making him as low HP as possible and that you make it really hard for him to stay in lane. There is no point focusing the ADC in this lane as he can just eat the ADC. Focus tahm in this lane.

Taric isn’t played much. He suffers the same problem as many other melee supports. If you happen to play against a Taric, make sure to stutter step his stun and try to poke him. His ultimate is good but on a long cooldown. If he pops his ultimate just back off and re-engage when it is off.

Thresh is one of the most popular supports ever made. He is so popular because of the different ways he can be used and how his abilities can be utilized. There are some ways you can beat this lane, however it depends on match up. Firstly you should stand behind minions so he cannot hook you. Next you should be aware of his Lantern, the abilty itself doesn’t do damage but it’s what it can do that counts. If the enemy thresh randomly throws his lantern, then you should expect to be ganked.

Zilean is very squishy early game and you should use this to your advantage. At pre 6 he is useless to some extent, he doesn’t do much damage but does have CC via a slow and his double Q. In this lane I would suggest focusing him because he is very squishy. Zilien isn’t played often, you want to play aggressive if he uses his abilties. If he ults a team mate, don’t kill them until it’s gone.

Zyra is very squishy early game but will do a lot of damage too. Her burst damage is insane and will poke any champion quickly. Zyra can be horrible to lane against because of her damage output. In this match up I would suggest focusing her and try to dodge her abilities. If you can dodge her abilities then she will be less scary. If you can chunk her early game then she will be an easy target and easy to kill. If you can do this then she will not be able to output her damage and it would be suicide if she does.

And thats it! Here was a basic guide to play against every enemy support in League of Legends.