How to Play Melee Vs Ranged | Day 27/30

Your worst nightmare as any melee champion is playing against an enemy who has the range advantage. In these lanes, it is often hard to come out ahead or even kill the enemy. In this guide I will provide you some information that can help you sustain and survive in these match ups. Please note that some of this information may not be correct depending on which champion you are playing and who you’re against.

Buying Dorans Shield will help you in these lanes because it blocks enemy damage and regenerates your health quicker. I recommend buying this if you’re in a truly horrible matchup. Just because you have extra defensive stats doesn’t mean you can play sloppier. You still need to not get caught out by the enemy’s damage. When buying Doran’s Shield to start with, keep in mind you will be missing out on offensive stats.

In any lane, you want to always push for the level advantage. This not only gives you level 2 first but also gives you your second ability quicker over the enemy champion. For level 2, you need to kill 7 minions. I recommend trying to push and kill them as quickly as possible. Following on from this, going for an early trade is one way to swing the lane in your advantage. If you can come out ahead then it will be worth, make sure to know your champions power spikes. This early aggression only works on a handful of champions but I wouldn’t recommend trying it on everyone. Some champions that are good for the level 2 all in are: Zed, Talon, Renekton and Gragas. Champions that deal damage benefit from this more than others and I wouldn’t recommend doing it on many tank champions.

There are also a lot of other power spikes for different champions. Playing around those power spikes, and going in for trades when you’re at your spike will also help you in lane.

For some champions that do not have mana restrictions, farming with your abilities can be one way of saving the lane. Zed for example can farm with his Q or E, while also dealing damage to the enemy. Dr Mundo’s Q also replenishes his health cost if it kills the enemy. I do not recommend just farming with your abilities, because you will lack poke damage, instead- go for poke and try to farm at the same time when possible.

The final tip is to sacrifice your CS for Experience. CS is very important, however staying healthier and alive is more so. As long as you stay in experience range, then it will be much easier for you to keep at the same level. This also means you will not have to back early after a bad trade and will overall be a better laning phase overall. However, do not sacrifice all the minions. Sacrifice the ones you cannot get, if they can trade back do not go for them. Always try to go for cannons.