Is Draven a Good Champion to Improve ADC Mechanics?

Draven. The Champion everybody loves for his cockyness and ego. The charmer himself is a easy champion to learn but incredibly hard to master. That begs the question will Draven help improve your Mechanics? Let’s discuss.

Draven can help you improve your ADC mechanics to some extent, however he will not make you learn the role completely, this is because of his Q mechanic. His Q throws axes to a location and when picked up will give you a Stack. This mechanic is what makes Draven a hard champion to learn- knowing where land your axes.

The location of the axe will depend on where draven is facing and his current movement

Draven has a mechanic that is unique to him- Spinning Axes! What this does is whenever Draven has a Axe ready, auto attacking a enemy, minion or jungle monster will use a Stack, catching the axe will result in a stack and re-stock a Axe, he can hold two axes at once.

Learning Draven will help you understand information about these certain topics;

  • Learning to CS — When to last hit champions, When to push and freeze.
  • Learning to Trade — When the best time is to trade autos or abilities.
  • Learning item builds — What you should build each game, when you’re ahead and behind.
  • Learning Matchups — What champions are good vs and against Draven, and playing accordingly.
  • Learning enemy champions and abilties — What enemy champions abilities do and when you should play safe.
  • Learning Combos — Learn combo’s of enemy champions and Draven combo’s.

The problem is, Any ADC can teach these- the addition of Dravens Q mechanic makes it much harder to focus on doing the everything else that ADC’s do. Draven is not a easy champion to learn and should be avoided if you are new to ADC’s as a whole.

Ending Thoughts

Draven is a very fun champion to learn. He has a very high skill cap and will not perform well if you’re new to him. He relies on getting stacks from his Q to get his items quicker. Draven’s mechanics are very hard to master so i would not suggest a newbie to learn Draven, instead learn a easier champion who doesn’t rely on getting stacks from Q, for example Ezreal ashe lucian are much easier champions.

Overall, he is a good champion but not recommended to learn the ADC role as a whole because of his Axe’s.