Why You Should Play Easy Champions in Low Elo | Day 14/30

Playing easy or easier champions is one of the best ways to climb elo because you do not need to be as skilled to play them. They generally do not have as high of a skill cap than other champions, and can sometimes be better in a some situations.

Playing champions that require less skill means that you will be able to pick them up quicker and perform well on them even with a short number of games played with them. Janna for example is an extremely easy champion to play mechanically and that is why people tend to play her- even when auto filled. The champions that require less skill to play also mean you will have less opportunities to perform badly with them, or mess up ability combos.

Another reason is that harder champions will tilt you easier if you do a spell or combo wrong or have a bad game. Playing easier champions will lessen the risk of tilt directly by your ability to play them and do well. Some players do not like to admit that they get tilted, but you do tilt whenever you miss something or die. Cutting out the chance of failing something is only one way to prevent this kind of tilt.

If we look at bronze statistics in the Jungle role, we can see that there are a few champions there that are what I consider, too complex to play and to do well with. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t play these all together- play them and learn them, but do not take them into ranked just yet.

Lee sin is the second most picked jungle champion in Bronze with a horrible 46.82% win rate. This provides some evidence to back up why you should pick easy champions to climb with. Lee sin is by far one of the 10 hardest champions to play- mechanically and in practise. He has many different combos and strategies that are not just cut out for bronze players. I won’t even pick him in Diamond because I’m not cut out to playing him to the level that he needs to do well in.

Stats for Bronze Junglers

I’m not saying do not play these champions at all. When there are LP and rank on the line. Do not play hard champions until you are comfortable to play them at a level that is adequate for your rank and to do well with. Champions that are harder to play sometimes have a high risk high reward associated with them. Don’t play them in ranked, until you feel you have what it needs.