You’re right Abhishek.
Varun Choraria

Varun, yeah I can totally relate to some of the experiences that you have cited. The problem is their is a whole bunch of people out there who are just trying to cash in as much as possible from startups, you will get experts for dime a dozen these days who are ‘oh so excited’ with the word ‘startup’ thinking that every startup is funded to the hilt and will become the next unicorn. Everyone truly believes in the long term of your startup but they want cash & equity today.

In fact I relied on a company from Gurgaon, who were supposed to build my first prototype, took 5 months and all they could do was upload the UI template which I had got designed separately! Can you beat that? I mean 5 months is a lifetime in startup world. Of course these experiences make you a wiser man but the point is we are nowhere close to Silicon Valley material.

Coming to the tech co founder incident, the guy I was interacting with was quite a senior guy who approached me through, seemed credible enough to warrant a meeting and start a discussion. Everything went well, I shared our plans length & breadth, the guy also shared his vision & inputs. The discussion goes well for more than a month and not once did I get the impression that he is not interested and then suddenly he stops picking my calls and stops responding to my messages the week we were supposed to sit and finalize the agreement (I even shared my cap table which is highly confidential). The most disgusting thing in India is when people dont respond to your calls and neither care to communicate, I always believe in closure whether negative or affirmative.

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