So the last two weekends I have failed dismally getting my team outdoors. We have seen Paddington 2, (which I can heartily recommend, not sure that Dan enjoyed it as much as the rest of us but..) and Nativity the Musical at Sheffield Lyceum.

This is much more our natural habitat. Dark warm cinemas and theatres, big velvet seats, packets of Revels and Pringles rattling, annoying everyone, quick sleep for me about halfway though the first half so I can enjoy the second half.

I did manage to get to Haddon Hall’s Artisan Christmas Market with my mum for a mulled wine and mince pie last Sunday, but couldn’t persuade the girls to join us so it doesn’t count towards the challenge I set myself.

You know it’s cold and wintery when you’re snacking on potato dauphinois left over from dinner last night.

I have high hope for this weekend! It’s given snow and sun on Saturday, just got to decide where and how to get them out. I’ll report back.

Me 0, Kids 0 — Must try harder.

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