What is Instagram?

the most powerful social media site we have ever witnessed?

Sharing our photographs

with the world


amateur professional rich poor beautiful ugly warm cold home away.

Memories? Art? A translation timeline of our life into visual forms.

A hierarchy created through an affirmation system

of likes followers

against a ratio of people you follow.

It’s not just a visual game but a numbers one too.

A profile, a person, deemed successful by how many followers and likes they get.

Artists and Instagram

Instagram is taking over the traditional artists portfolio

Instagram beginning as a ‘sketchbook’

Now, the main outlet of production, the finished piece.

It’s accessible, no need to walk into the looming four white walls of a gallery

No need to go anywhere,

you can be transported into the artists head, space, vision from your screen, designed by a large corporation

to a set of rules

manufactured in relation to the past and present status quo.

As you are led along the path

you open the analogue camera icon, into the field of rabbit holes

a feed

a top crust, tier, of what is below,

from your field of view

you can see it all

the whole expanse

of visual information

scrolling with your thumb sliding up and down the sheet of glass

designed manufactured

in its hundreds of millions by people we will never meet designed by people we do not know, it’s our acrylic paint, our synthetic paintbrushes.

Our galleries pocket sized, spacious and limitless.

Instagram is a set of rules and restrictions enforced by a company,

it’s aim is to make money

through giving a service to the public which might make our life better?

Instagram is not a charity

we perceive the power of creativity in our hands

we forget it is controlled

by a handful of people

of their vision

of what the world should be to them

how we should cooperate and use visual information

parameters, borders

architecture, town planning.

It demands how we should interact.

Perspective is key.

I log back in.