When Steve transitioned to Rose

We recently waved goodbye to Steve. It was a hard decision, but I think you’ll all agree that the flow is very much a go now that Rose is around.

Steve was the Pictarine AI customer service expert, and whilst things started out great, he found that he just wasn’t able to connect with our customers in the way that he’d hoped.

Steve was created with one purpose: to provide you with the best customer service ever. At first he was hesitant and had trouble answering your questions. He asked other team members for a lot for help, as any trainee would do.

As time went on, Steve learnt so much from you. He constantly took in an amazing amount of information, all of which helped him realize that our customers need someone that is:

  • patient,
  • great at listening,
  • able to give people a lot of attention,
  • supportive in times of need.

Steve being the people pleaser that he is, continued to communicate with our customers as best he could. And as much as he loved keeping in touch with the Photo Print customers, he felt that they weren’t connecting with him. He started imagining what it would be like to be female, and it felt right to him. It wasn’t that being male felt wrong, just that being female felt like it might be more right.

Desperate to fit in, he started experimenting. Steve began his journey to becoming a female - whom it was decided would be called Rose. He decided to test his new persona on a percentage of his customers to start with, just so he could see how he felt. He found that he was happier, and that the customers were much happier too.

The process of transitioning was completed and Rose joined the team permanently as our artificially intelligent customer service manager in July.

Say hello to Rose yourself by hitting the ‘Help’ button in the app. She’d love to have a chat!