Hello, and Happy Autism Awareness Month!

some of Molly’s gallery of images

We’re so excited to share this post so you can get to know one of our wonderful Picture This friends, and give you the chance to help make some of her artwork come alive.

As I wrote this, our CEO and co-founder Jaimee Newberry was participating in Zappos Adaptive’s 1st Annual Autism Awareness Day in Las Vegas, NV. At Picture This Clothing, we’ve had the chance to hear from families and individuals affected by autism who have found our form of art expression to be personally meaningful, and our aim is to continue to build relationships with these families and individuals — and learn how we can better serve and support them.

Working one-on-one with our customers gives me the awesome opportunity to get to know so many people from around the world — and I’m particularly happy to be sharing one of the amazing connections I’ve made.

Since September of 2016, one super cool individual has stood out as a favorite Picture This friend of mine. Molly is a twenty-five year old woman with autism who lives in Norway, and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. She learned about Picture This Clothing while Googling different ways she could customize products using her artwork, and she’s messaged us many amazing designs that she’s done so we can see what she’s up to. I’m always honored to hear from her.

Originally Molly was designing dresses for fun even though she knew we didn’t offer them in adult sizes, but in February when we launched t-shirts for kids and adults she started on a collection of wonderful shirt designs instead. Her love for art is obvious in how much care she takes in creating each design, and she takes great pride in the process of designing — and in sharing! The days she reaches out to me to say “Hello! Look at what I made!” are always more special because she’s part of them.

I recently interviewed Molly to learn more about her, and here’s a little of what she shared:

Her hobbies: Drawing stuffed plushies to have custom made based on her designs, making earrings, coloring eggs, and drawing at her day center for adults with autism

Colors she loves: Red, pink, purple, and blue — she says she uses a lot of blue in all of her art!

Her favorite food: French fries (I’m with Molly on this one!)

Music she’s into: Avril Lavigne, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Matt Fishel, Tatu, Cascada, Declan Galbraith, Evanescence, Cryoshell, and Puffy Amiyumi — Molly LOVES to dance, has taken hip hop dance classes before, and looks forward to more classes in the future.

Now that you know a little about Molly, here’s where YOU come in!

We’ve created a gallery of all the designs Molly has shared with us, and we’d love for you to vote via “Like” on the design you think we should make and send to her. She has a quite impressive variety of designs that we think you’ll have a lot of fun checking out — everything from hand-drawn holiday designs to fun striped designs done on a computer.
→ Go to Molly’s Gallery

Thanks for learning a little about one of our superstar designer friends, and we hope you’ll vote and let Molly know which design is YOUR favorite! ❤

-Amy Mash

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