I think I figured out how to be productive. Have someone looking over your shoulder.

Is she looking?…

So I’m perusing my favourite filmmaking blog, catching up on the latest camera gadget that I know I won’t get, but still want to read about anyway.

“Whatchya doing?” — A voice comes from over my shoulder.

“Oh, nothing” — I reply politely.

“Is there something else you could be doing?” — The voice is inquisitive, the speaker has asked me this question before.

“I’m waiting for a video to render” — A little less politely.

The voice came from my epically talented and awesome girlfriend Kylie, from Just For Love Photography. She’s a wedding photographer and has been killing it the last 18 months as a full-time self-employed photog.

In essence, she’s been acting as my mentor. We’ll be doing video work for her business, work for myself, work for clients, work for family and friends and she’s helping me piece it all together. But she’s been asking that question of me a lot the last week.

Now let me clarify, she’s not asking me constantly to accuse me of time wasting, or misplaced investment in something (or maybe she is, and maybe there’s a bigger game at play here…). I believe that she’s asking about whether I’m keeping a focus on the multiple elements of building a brand.

I need to grow a social presence, create a website, design a presentation, edit video, outline an upcoming project, call three people back… as a starter to a startup, it would be easy to just focus on one of these elements until the job was done, but the fact is I have to be so much more than that now.

Writer, story teller, marketer, admin assistant, receptionist, accountant, executive, cleaner, you have to be ready to wear multiple brains, or hats, or brains under the various hats.

Anyway, I was starting to struggle, until I saw a piece of paper that helped untangle that mess. Enter, the feminine pink saviour sheet!

The feminine pink saviour sheet could probably be called a task list, but it reminded me of something and therefore deserves an awesome title.

You can’t do everything you want to at the times you want to, nor should you even try. Outsource what you can and what you’re bad at. If you’re like me and just starting up, then split your tasks up into easy manageable pieces.

See? Pretty productive this week eh?!

Time to find a new feminine pink saviour sheet and start planning my next… oh wait, Kylie’s left the room, back to my filmmaking blog.