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Perhaps it’s not exploitative, but it’s definitely a hard sell. Social media platforms are hard to garner users for without a subscription. It’s not surprising that many people wouldn’t wanna pay a subscription. Sure, $5 may not seem like much, and in most cases it is trivial, but still in most cases people like to save money. Can you blame them? I’m sure you understand. I can, and do, spend monthly $5 for something but that’s only after I found it to be worth my money. Blaqspot, I’m sorry to say, has not and can not gain my interest as I can’t even see what the platform is like.

User interest depends on content. For social media, users generate content. If they’re gonna generate content for a platform they have to find it worth, which means they peak at it first. If they can’t peak at it because there’s a pay wall most will just leave.

You say “Yeah, we ain’t ready” as though this approach to the issue was the best way. I do not doubt that significant efforts were made on the platform to accomplish a goal, but input does not always equal output. As much it sucks to admit, luck is a VERY significant part of creating a successful social platform. Sometimes the dice just doesn’t roll in your favor.

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