PIE Token Utility

Pie Token is used as a utility token for the Pieme platform. It allows users to order meals, book event tickets, and pay for advertising space at a lower rate than they would with other payment options. Nonetheless, the Pie token will also be used to pay for goods and services outside the Pieme platform.

Pieme uses the process of token “burns,” meaning that the profit from Pieme will be used to repurchase more Pie Tokens from the market at the market prevailing price and then burn (destroy) them until 40% of total tokens are completely destroyed.

The PIE Token is the main payment option on Pieme. In this article, we explore how it will be used on the platform.

About the Token

Token Name: PIEME

Token Ticker: PIE

Total Number of Tokens: 100,000,000 PIE


Pie Token Utility

Pieme is a social platform that connects people to authentic home-cooked local dishes, the platform enables people to easily share their homes as part-time restaurants or event places.

It will feature a number of restaurants that choose to ride on the platform for more clients. In addition, Pieme not only encourages people to share their homes, it looks at restaurants as immediate clients to the platform.

Pieme will generate revenue by charging a small commission fee of 10% on meals ordered from Pieme and event tickets booked, which is way cheaper than the competition. Plus, it will offer advertising space to brands reaching out to its audience.

Staking rewards

Staking on Pie Token will benefit holders in various ways;

For Pieme Hosts

Hosts holding and staking Pie tokens worth $100+ will enjoy huge discounts on transaction fees. Pieme charges a standard 10% commission on all meal orders going through the platform, however, hosts who stake will receive a 50% discount to only be charged a 5% commission fee.

Besides this, in the hosts’ staking pool, hosts who directly receive Pie tokens for meals they offer will share 10% of the total profit generated from Pieme platform. This is intended to encourage more Hosts to use Pie token, thereby increasing its usability.

For other Pie Token holders

Pieme will generate revenue by offering advertising space to brands reaching out to its audience, and charging a small transaction fee on meal orders and event tickets booked from the platform.

30% of the net profit generated will be put into the staking pool to holders staking. The share will be deposited every 30 days of the month, equally distributed based on how much each holder staked.

Ordering Food

Piemates will use the Pie token to order meals offered by hosts around them on Pieme. The Pie token will not only guarantee privacy but also help lower the overall cost of food as there are no intermediaries adding costs to the actual cost of food.

Purchasing Event Tickets

Piemates on Pieme can host or join organized events. Events can be both Private or Public, Free or Paid.

For paid events, Pieme makes it easy for guests to purchase tickets on the platform using Pie tokens. By keeping the middle players out of the entire process of booking, transaction fees are kept low and privacy is ensured. For hosts, the overall cost of organizing events is reduced and profits increased.

Access to Exclusive Features

Pieme will have exclusive features that will only be available to PIE token holders, for example, events crowdfunding, organizing online paid events, among others. All these features will be available to Pie token holders only.

Food Donations

Pieme is more than just about finding meals and organizing events, we also support social causes. Pieme food donation feature intends to bring the donor, beneficiary and service provider together by eliminating the need for middle player organizations.

To keep this entire process clean of fraud and decentralized, Pie token will play a very significant role in processing payments from Donors to service providers easily and to beneficiaries. Donors will be able to track the progress of their donation and directly interact with the beneficiary communities regardless of the amount donated.

Advertising Fees

Pieme will offer advertising space to brands interested in reaching out to its audience. Those who choose to use the PIE token shall receive significant discounts.

All profits generated on Pieme will always be automatically converted into the Pie Token

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Pieme: Authentic local Dishes: For us, By us




Pieme is connecting people with home cooked, authentic, traditional dishes from the community, to the community.

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Pieme is connecting people with home cooked, authentic, traditional dishes from the community, to the community.

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