Why I decided to ditch Apple
Ionut-Cristian Florescu

Apple’s hardware is unreliable, which is why when investing on an expensive Apple product one should always spend extra on the 3 year extended warranty. If the product lasts 3 years without problems it’s much more probable that it will last 5 or more years.

I’ve learned this the hard way after my first years of fanboyism when I switched with the first Intel Macs.

I tried switching to Windows back again recently but I couldn’t. Not because of the hardware or the OS, but because the macOS ecosystem is so much better. Once you move out of the mainstream software (Adobe, Office, gaming, etc) most Windows software is old Win32 crap that does not support scaling and still uses UI libraries from the Windows XP era.

In macOS the world of small developers is so much better. Take Alfred for example. Not only a Windows counterpart doesn’t really exist, but the ones that do replace the launcher functionality such as Wox or Launchy are just terrible.

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