The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis
Richard Kenneth Eng

Good and bad are very relative terms.

Classic languages (C++, Java, C#) are great for working on large codebases with +1M LOC. But those kind of projects are difficult to maintain and scale regardless of the language.

The reason everyone is moving to microservices and Node.js is because it’s much easier (less expensive) to work on many small projects than a single monolithic huge pile of complexity. JavaScript is the perfect language for those kind of projects. It’s fast to write and easy to deploy.

Very successful companies such as Uber, Netflix, Paypal, Ebay, etc, are using JavaScript in critical parts of their stack which has allowed them to move faster and save money. Don’t you think there must be something you are missing here?

Saying that people are using JavaScript because of some psychosis sounds more like you are trying to eat a steak with a spoon. Why isn’t everyone using a fork and a knife like normal people for god’s sake? Well because they aren’t eating steaks, that’s why.

And BTW, you know you can write C/C++ modules for Node.js, right?

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