I agree the increasing focus on amateur creatives is problematic, but when I really think about it…
Dan Ancona

I’m in a similar boat but more of a designer / coder mix and I also do photography, djing, and audio production. I’ve been using macOS for a decade and seeing my options for switching back to Windows.

Adobe software is the same on both platforms, so no big deal here. I don’t use Sketch and Affinity is coming to Windows anyway.

There’s now Ubuntu bash for Windows 10 which should be great for all our UNIX needs. Also with 32gb options you can run all your stack with VMs.

Ableton Live, Traktor, etc are cross platform. I’d even get access to Cubase again which is way better than Logic. Also Sonar or Fruity Loops.

My biggest concern is actually developing iOS and macOS stuff. I do a lot of Electron apps for clients with macOS and although you can compile in Windows for macOS you don’t get code signing.

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