Unfortunately neither AS3 nor ES4 were compatible with most of the JavaScript code that existed on…
Allen Wirfs-Brock

Deploying either as the standard for JS in web browsers would have “broken the web”

Maybe. I think it would have been the same situation we have now with ES6, ES7, TypeScript, Elm, etc. Anyone writing these has to trans-compile to ES5 anyway.

The biggest difference back then is that Javascript wasn’t as standardized as it is today, which is why jQuery and MooTools rose to popularity.

it wasn’t going to bring Flash programming into the mainstream

Nobody really wanted that, not even me. The article was only about the language features. Flash programming includes many other things such as the Flash API (DisplayObject, etc).

The world we have today with modern ECMAScript/JavaScript is infinitely better than what would have occurred if either AS3 or ES4 had been standardize and implemented in browsers as the replacement for ES3-level JavaScript.

I’d say quite the contrary considering the popularity of TypeScript for example.

Truth is we don’t really know what would have happened.

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