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In this series of articles, I’m going to try explore scenarios and signals that suggest the ways in which we will live by the end of this new decade. We’ll look at the six key future trends, listen to expert opinion and examine ideas that seem to be on the edges today that maybe mainstream by 2030. This particular Future of Home+Living article I’m going to look at the rise of Ambient Dwellings.

But First: Newcastle, England

At first, a town that once thrived with coal mining and shipbuilding might not seem to exemplify the future of home living. The city of Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England still has streets of row houses that were constructed as homes for the workers and their children — future workers.

Interioraction Prototype by Sara Nabil Ahmed

So, How Will We Live Tomorrow?

Picture this: Whether we live in communal compounds, parasitic structures or are wealthy enough to reside in what were once thought of as traditional homes, the buildings that house us will interact with the people inside them. They will provide ambient care in four ways: listening, learning, acting and ordering.

Meanwhile, Today

Around the world, designers, architects and developers are conceiving future living experiences that are similar to these scenarios. In a future-forecast from Some People, the team imagines rapid production to build parasitic homes. The designers wonder if a team of fabrication robots would live with each resident, respond to needs and build extensions to their homes. In another concept from Some People, a robot estimates the needs of the community, then builds structures built out of lightweight wooden frames with the help of humans.

Robot home building concept by Some People Studio,

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