Information About Effective Parenting Skills Through Positive Reinforcement

piers powell
Aug 25, 2018 · 3 min read
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All parents are obliged to take care of their children. How you discipline your child is very essential. Researchers have shown that positive or negative reinforcement and punishment are the three most effective approaches parents use to induce desired behaviors in their kids. Positive reinforcement occurs when you offer presents to your child after they have behaved their best. On the contrary, negative reinforcement occurs when you cause a behavior by behaviors are eliminated from their daily schedules such as having your child go to school earlier to avoid traffic. Punishment is the last approach which involves the inclusion of an adverse event to minimize your perception of negative behavior such as spanking to prevent your son from picking on your daughter. Here’s a good read about positive parenting, check it out!

Positive reinforcement can be mistaken the same as bribery. With bribery, some material is rewarded in exchange for the desired behavior. Mostly, it involves negotiating with your child for them to behave the way you want. However, some parents may not consider this as the best option since they think their children will be spoilt. This is, but false information since the prize is given after the child has positively responded to the behavior. Also, remember that these gifts have to small tokens such as stickers or potty training. These goals can be achieved along the way especially when the children are motivated. You can view here for more info.

What therefore should be done when a parent wants to use positive reinforcement? Well, there is no specific time since children can adjust to some types of support after they have had similar positive behaviors. Nevertheless, these behaviors can be induced in the early stages for it to become a habit after a few weeks.

The general principle of positive reinforcement remains the same. It depends not only on the child involved but also the caregiver or parent who uses it as his disciplinary method. Most likely it can assist your child to develop intrinsic motivation.

The best way to use this type of punishment is by first selecting the specific behavior you want to be strengthened. Moreover, ensure that you define your child’s progress just in case you want your child to repeat. It is recommended that you avoid giving general directives, but you should provide concise direction on how a particular task should be handled. As a parent, it is advisable that you pick the punishments bearing in mind the age of your kid.

Finally, it is advisable that you vary your statement of praise and they should be sincere. This is because when the words are used for many times, children will probably get used to hearing them. As you talk to your child, it means that you are expanding his knowledge about certain words hence beneficial for their growth. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

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