Sir or Madam:

Though I use my Twitter account for parody, please be assured that I find this matter to be of the utmost seriousness.

I wish you applaud you on your decision to not air Colorado based broadcast “Rocky Mountain Pro” (RMP)wrestling. As an avid viewer of your programming, I do not believe it fits our faith based values.

RMP uses gratuitous violence, the mocking of mental illness and the objectification of women in order to influence a young male audience. Their “executive producer” a Mr. Vince Russo, has been terminated from near every major promotion in the sport including WWE and TNA. His previous scripts have included “viagra on a pole” matches and a storyline where an athlete sexually assaulted a corpse. Yes, you read that correctly. He has also recently smoked marijuana live via his video blog which has NO AGE RESTRICTIONS. At least one parent, with a seven year old child, spoke out about this incident. Is this what your programming now stands for?

RMP, in a recent episode, showed the on-air CEO Titus offer another character, Humphrey Jacobs, sexual favors from a young woman in exchange for joining his faction. He not only objectified this young woman, but attempted to prostitute her as well. Angles with character Steven Ashburn mocks mental illness for the sake of “ratings” (please keep in mind that RMP; and prior to the name change NRW, average well under 1k views, and often under 400 views on YouTube. Viewers have little appetite for poorly produced smut.

Again, I applaud you for standing up for our Christian values by not allowing this filth, or those who created, to influence HuntTV viewers. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a network do the right thing without petitions or the contacting of advertisers. You did the right thing simply because it was the right thing to do and I applaud you for that action.

Yours in Christ,

Krista Harding

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