No longer welcome in my own home

I take it that when your MP explained the reason for their resignation from the shadow cabinet it involved an attack on Jeremy Corbyn? I am guessing but that seems to be the only reason for resignations- did you, therefore expect everybody there to agree with usurping Corbyn? you like the freedom of speech for that side but not the defenders of Corbyn? Do you remember when the left of the party were told to shut up and back Blair in his supposed fight against whoever he wanted to fight that week? well now we have a leader from the left after the abject failure of Blairism in 2 general elections- so how about thye right shutting up and toeing the line?

Most of theses resignations have been organised by Progress ltd- is your MP a member of Progress- Momentum supporters may wear the T shirts but Progress is a secret society within Labour and they like to hide in the shadows undermining the leadership.Or is that ok with you? a secret society within labour funded by a liberal democrat lord, usurping the authority of the democratically elected leader with a series of carefully choreographed resignations (including your MP) to instigate a coup?

You should check out who the leaders of the coup are, how they are mentioned in Chilcot, and whether or not they voted to stop an inquiry into the Iraq war. Then see what their links are to Portland Communications.