This is somebody I know

This is somebody I know.

Her name is Anne. She is around her 50’s.

When she was young, she was a teacher. She worked on that school for many years. Learned a lot. Then, as time went by, she decided she could do it for herself. She opened her own school along with another teacher. At first, they were only 3. Maybe 3 teachers for 14 students. Anne was on the field, doing what she believed in.

I met her many years after the school started working. I was a very young teacher then. I knew very little. I was still in college. I wanted to work in a real school. She opened the door.

As time went by, it was noticable that her body wouldn't allow her to be with the children as she did before. But she was there, everyday. Then, she decided, she was the teacher of the teachers. And from her, I learned a lot. Through all her advices and lead, I blossomed as a teacher. I got a very solid basis. She believed in all the people who worked for her. She was there for them.

One day, a land across the sea called to her. Anne left the school. Everything she had built was inside. And time waves led everyone's lives, back and forth. 'Till the time she finally returned. I was not there anymore.

Surely, the school work continued. Children come, grow up and go. However, there is a moment when all the cycles close. As the school was born from her hands, it died. In her hands. I may say she was saddened. Maybe it was like having a child leaving home. Forever.

It was the end of a school year when I got to meet her again. Anne looked the same to me. And it was not just her looks. It was like seeing her as I had yesterday. I missed her. Her voice and stories. We huged. I told Anne I was sorry about the school. But, it still lived on everything I still do as a teacher today and that many of the words she had given me were not forgoten. They would orbit every planning I would devise. "What are they going to learn from that?" "How are you going to do this?". From this very essence, teaching and learning happens.

Anne told me not be sorry. The life and memory of what we did and who we were back then are still moving and alive in all I do today.

Anne is a teacher of teachers, even though she doesn't have teachers around her anymore. This is just who she is.

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