The Ups and Downs: Kids on the Slope {Quick Review}

Alright , so this week i was searching through Netflix’s very short list of Anime shows on the service and came across an anime called “Kids on the slope” , i was intrigued so i made a quick google search and found out that it was directed by Shinichirō Watanabe and composed by Yoko Kanno both previously worked on one of my favourite Anime’s of all time “Cowboy Bebop” ( I will be doing a review on that don’t you worry). So i then rushed to it and binge watched all 12 episodes in a matter of a week and here are my thoughts.

Kids on the slope is a 12 episode anime series that originally aired in 2012 and was based on a manga written by Yuki Kodama and is a coming of age love story about three friends Kaoru Nishimi ( A lonely pianist who is brought up with wealth) , Sentarō Kawabuchi ( A ruff neck thug to his fellow students but is misjudged and is actually kind and has a gentle soul. Sentarō is a strong lover of jazz and plays the drums) and Ritsuko Mukae (A kind , cheerful and charming freckled high school student , her family owns the record shop that has a basement area that serves for a hangout spot for the three friends). When Kaoru moves schools he meets Sentarō and quickly falls in love with jazz music , also in the process for the first time in his life finds two other students that he can rely on a call his friends. This Anime has themes of friendship , love , dedication and the theme of capturing your dream but in the process losing everything that made you the person you are to originally capture that dream. Okay that’s enough of the formalities , these are The Ups and Downs of “Kids on the slope”

The Ups

The Jazz music
Characters that you care about throughout the series
The Animation
Ending is well tied up
The Humor (Subtle but enjoyable)
Great list of side characters
The episode names ( all are the names of jazz songs )
Had a great over arching theme

The Downs

Dialogue can be weak sometimes
The Love stories and Love triangle can get a bit cheesy

Okay so in review , Kids on the slope received 8 ups and 2 downs giving it The Up seal of Approval.

So that was the quick review of Kids on the slope expect more Anime reviews on this page and also expect the review of the Hateful 8 70mm roadshow edition next week. Thanks for reading make sure you like , re-blog and comment it helps the page. Till next time :D

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