The Ups and Downs: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens is directed by J.J Abrams and stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac , Domhnall Gleeson , Adam Driver , Harrison Ford , Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill . Star Wars The Force Awakens is the sequel to Star Wars Return of the Jedi and the much awaited continuation of the Star Wars Saga. The plot centers around Three rag tag heroes , Rey , Finn and Poe Dameron as they are thrown in the midst of a raging war between the Resistance , (a militaristic cell of the new republic) and The First Order , (an order created from the shattered remains of The Empire). Now that the formalities of dogging spoilers in the plot summary is completed , time for the Ups and Downs of Star Wars The Force Awakens.


The New cast

This new ensemble of actors is one of the highlights of this film . Each actor hits their marks and it shows on the finish product and successfully usher in a new generation of star wars fans

The Old Cast

YES! Harrison Ford and Carrie fisher both give excellent performances and there wasn’t a single moment that I stopped and saw Harrison Ford playing Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher playing Carrie fisher , it was Han Solo and Princess Leia like they never left the set of Return of the Jedi !


Kylo Ren
The Lightsaber battles
Practical Effects
The Ending
Finn and Poe Bromance

The Downs

• Starkiller base, (shucks) I have a strong opinion that this plot device was underused during TFA . It never felt menacing like the original Death Star did and felt like it was just there so Poe and his X-Wing buddies has something to do during act 3 .

• Captain Phasma Not going to say much here to avoid plot spoilers but Phasma didn’t seem to be a threat or a good villain. So Far. I have high hopes for episode 8 but this isn’t a review for episode 8 its a review for episode 7

Extra Downs

• Little information given about the 30 year gap to catch the casual fans up

So in Review , Star Wars The Force Awakens gets 8 Ups 3 Downs , Giving the movie the UP Seal of approval !

Okay so that was The review for Star Wars 7 overall I loved the movie and i was really grasping at straws to find hard hitting downs for this film but after multiple viewings they are there , I obviously couldn’t cover everything in this review but feel free to mention stuff I didn’t include and start the discussion .Anyway, it was everything a die hard SW fan like me wanted . I really suggest going out to see this movie if you already haven’t, even if your not a big SW Fan you will find enjoyment in this movie.

Okay that’s my Que. to leave stay on target on this blog space for more reviews , please leave your thoughts and comments below and follow this page thank you very much , see ya 😄👍

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