The Ups and Downs: UNDERTALE

Undertale is a RPG developed , written and composed by Toby Fox. The story centers around a young child who has fallen from the surface to the underground and is trying to find his way back home .

That however is the simplest way to explain the plot without going into spoilers. However the plot summary I presented here is a brief explanation to a massive story that sometimes fools you the player more then once. Everyone has been going crazy about this game since release causing major impacts in sites like the one your reading right now and already has a cult fan base. After playing this game and completing its multiple endings I can safely say I am apart of this fan base. Now without further a due, here are The Ups and Downs of UNDERTALE.

The Ups:

The Combat
The combat in this game is fantastic and reflects on the overall story that the game is trying to tell. It’s well balanced and is surprisingly difficult but fulfilling to master. Also the combat is unique from enemy to enemy and brings a certain tension and surprise to each fight.

• The Graphics
The art style that Toby Fox chose to go with for this game is breathtaking and reflects the story telling of this game brilliantly presenting you with this cute dark pixelated underground that is your constant companion and outlet to this world.

Extra Ups:

The soundtrack ( Sooooooo Goood )
Presenting you with a true pacifist playthrough
The Ensemble of characters
The humour
Giving the enemy’s a heart and a voice
Excellent Bosses . (Mechanically and story wise)

The Downs:

The menu (It might be a artistic choice but I would of liked a less linear menu and settings)
Random crashes throughout gameplay

Okay so In review, “UNDERTALE” receives 9 ups and 2 downs. Giving “UNDERTALE” The Up Seal of Approval.

So that was my review of Undertale i hoped you enjoyed it , major nitpicking with the downs with this game but in saying that it was truly a delight to play this video game, it’s a game that has stayed with me these pass few days after completion, I do think the main reason for that is how incredibly unique this game is and its ability to raise the bar with every hour played. Now for the extra ups in this the review each one could of received a in depth description I chose not to because I don’t want to deprive you of those experiences ( yes I do know this is Tumblr and most people have already played and have their own thoughts of the game already, I did this for the few who haven’t played and done so 😄) .

After the fact I do think this game with time will be a cult classic in the gaming community the same way the first Metal Gear was in presenting the player with a out of game experience to Benefit the plot, i cant stress how great this game is i definitely recommend you play this game on PC or wait for the eventual console release.

Okay that’s my Que to leave , thanks for reading this review , re-blog and like at your leisure , it does a lot to further the page . Thank you so much , till the next time 😄👍

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