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I’m actually curious about this, I’m (I suppose) white, and I’m definitely a cis male, but I’m also Irish. Where do I fit in your view?

I haven’t been a target for misogyny, but I have for colonialism, classism, racism, and imperialism.

Obviously, since I’m not a woman, I can’t be a feminist in your view (which is reasonable imo), but as to the other forms of oppression and intersectionality itself, your view seems to disregard large amounts of other’s lived experiences in favour of your own abstracted views.

How intersectional is it for a person to claim that the oppression they experience, as a member of a group, is definitively more severe than that of others?

(PS, I’m not doing the ‘Irish people were slaves too’ nonsense here, nor am I trying for a ‘gotcha’, there seems to me to be blatantly incorrect statements in this essay)

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