Android Set Top Box For Smart TV

There was a time when the bulging TV screen catching analog signal were the only way to watch the television. And today we have smart TV’s, it is not just a screen displaying images with sound, but it has become an entertainment platform. Thin as a paper sheet, the transmission technology has also improved a lot. If you have a smart TV designed by some top manufacturers, then it is suggested to use android TV box. The scope of television is no more restricted to transmitting the signals that it receives from the satellite and connect you with the daily soap, news, but the android TV with the Android set top box will give you completely new entertainment experience. These Android set-top boxes are the latest in a set top box generation, designed to enhance the feature and quality of the android TV. The sound quality and picture quality can leave you in awe.

The android televisions are designed to give new dimension to the entertainment. These latest Android TV supports flash, high definition 1080p video playback, web browsing and more than 500,000 apps. Choose MXQ-PRO Android Tv Box, this Wi-Fi top box Support 2K or 4K ultra HD video playback. Perfect for those who love to play games it has Flash: 1GB RAM + 8GB EMMC Flash ROM.

Buy your android TV set top box online for the best deals and take your entertainment level up to the next level.

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