#MeetAPiggyVestSaver: Anthonia


There are essentially two strategies for boosting your savings and investments: Increase your income and cut your spending.

Whether you’re a young adult ready to start saving for retirement, a 50-something ready to pay off your debts or you’re just living on a fixed income, these two things are super essential.

PiggyVest aims to help you do that while guiding you through the process!

Every month, we shine a spotlight on one saver, asking them questions about their savings and investment culture and how the product is specifically helping them shape how they spend and save for future responsibilities.

So, here we go. Meet Anthonia.

What do you do?

I am a Project Manager by day and a tailor cum aspiring stylist by night.

Where do you live?

Abuja, Nigeria

When did you start saving on PiggyVest?

I downloaded the app for the first time in January 2017 but only started actively saving on it later that year when I saw how much my colleague had been able to save on it. I must confess that I have not been disciplined enough to save that much still.

What do you spend most of your income on?

Definitely food, books and clothes. In that order.

What would you like to stop spending money on?

If I had any sense, I would stop buying clothes for myself but I’m not counting on it.

If money wasn’t a concern, what would you be doing?

Reading on beaches around the world.

Do you enjoy travelling and where is your dream vacation destination?

I absolutely love traveling. Dream vacation destination changes by the day. I had a Santorini phase, thanks to Twitter. But I’m currently planning to visit Seychelles and Egypt.

Within your savings period, have you ever been tempted to withdraw, if yes how many times?

All the timeeeeee! I have withdrawn more times than I can count to be honest. One time, I was in the market and this Ankara fabric called out my name. I kid you not! I could hear it whisper my name so I had to find a corner and withdraw something real quick.

What PiggyVest feature is your favorite?

Definitely the auto-save function because I imagine that I would not save as much if I had to do it manually every day. I also love the safe-lock feature because it is the only way I can see a limited edition book and keep going.

How do you budget your income?

I take out a percentage to save or invest once I get my salary. After that, I pay my bills, then I call my girls to call their girls to call their girls to come and help me flex the rest.

How many sources of income do you have?

One and a half!

Has PiggyVest really helped you save?

Indeed it has! Nothing more precious than opening the app to see my money chilling, chilling. And yes, I do look everyday.

There it is guys. You too can begin to use your PiggyVest account to fulfill all your savings needs! Remember you can start with as low as N100/daily; and pick your own flexible investment options!

Go to www.piggyvest.com now to get started.

Thanks for reading!

The PiggyVest Team

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