Laravel 5 unique validation rule with mutated attributes

Lost in space
May 13 · 1 min read

I love Laravel, it’s powerfull, effective and elegant, but today I’ve been disapointed on this specific topic, let me explain.

Duplicate entry not handled by the validator, and BOOM !

In order to improve the readability of a field called “siret” I used a getter in my model which insert spaces inside a string, nothing extraordinary, but the problem comes when you decide to apply a unique constraint on the FormRequest you’ve created.

The unique rule is bypassed and you’re dealing with a superb QueryException ! What could you do ?! Transforming your request in the controller before the call to update/store method obviously ?!

I’ve tried so many times, it turns me mad before I dived into the FormRequest class and found this :

* Get data to be validated from the request.
@return array
protected function validationData()
return $this->all();

Bingo !

Now in order to remove spaces in my input I just had to override the validationData function in my custom FormRequest class like this :

class EtablissementRequest extends FormRequest

protected function validationData()
$input = parent::validationData();

if (isset($input['siret'])) {
$input['siret'] = str_replace(' ','',$input['siret']);

return $input;

I hope this trick will help someone saving time on Laravel 5.8. Bye !

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