We are happy and proud to announce you the release of Pikcio.me V2 which might be the most complete decentralized environment ever ! It doesn’t comes alone, Pikcio.me website has been updated and last but not least , a special gift is waiting for you in your Pikcio.me Browser after registration… Enjoy !!

A browser that combines Privacy surfing, secure P2P chat, crypto wallet, digital identity management and a decentralized social Media! All in one !!

Available here

As the pikcio.me V2 release is near imminent we feel like it’s time to look back on what we have achieved since our white paper V1.

The Pikcio vision was articulated around 3 products, described in the white paper as follows:

PikcioMe: For the individual users (suppliers of data)

PikcioPro: For the businesses (consumers of data)

PikcioLab: For the developers (designers of smart contracts)

« PikcioMe is a personal application that the individual user installs on his or her own device. Each PikcioMe application works as the server for its registered user and, if permission is given, can act as a trusted server for other users as well. It is this decentralized server infrastructure that puts individuals in control of their data and…

Pikcio.me V2 is around the corner !

We are thrilled to share with you a preview of the upcoming Pikcio.me V2.

You will find a new bunch of features that we expect will raise the interest in our browser.

The wall

A new contract for PKC token has been released.

New token PKX has been distributed in Neo wallets according to snapshot from Neo block 4067688. Around 6000 wallets received PKX.

From now on, the PKC token will deprecated for PKX Token, PKC is no longer valuable.

Here is the process to add new token on Neon

  1. Neon settings
  2. Manage tokens

3. Add new token

4. Paste this Hash 39e27f01420ffda3943bcf81e7254769a88437fb

5. Save

Note : If your tokens were on exchanges (Coinall, Coinbene) or in Switcheo smart contract, everything has been taken care and you should already have your tokens there.


Weeks after the release of PikcioMe, Pikcio is focusing its energy on building meaningful partnerships to enhance its product offer and better serve its customers. Pikcio has recently been targeting the Asian market which has proven to be fruitful for the company.


Pikcio and PayCOO+ have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). PayCOO+ is a mobile payment subsidiary of Beijing company Wiseasy Technology Co. Wiseasy provides POS hardware solutions in over 60 countries. This new partnership will enable PikcioMe users to make online payments on the mobile app.


JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related…

Pikcio is delighted to announce the release of the beta version of PikcioMe. Here’s what to expect from your new personal data app: a private search engine and P2P chat, as well as a personal crypto wallet and public profile.

Pikcio profile

Your Pikcio profile has an account overview and settings menu, as well as several sections:

  • Identity
  • Browsing
  • Interests
  • Downloads

There you can view your Pikcio ID, Trust Capital Index (TCI) and your public avatar (which you can change). Your Trust Capital Index increases with the amount of personal details you add to your profile. …

April 18th, 2019. The Pikcio team is proud to announce that the Pikcio project is officially entering into a strategic partnership with the Phantasma Chain.

The goal of this partnership is to collaborate on the integration of the Phantasma App into the PikcioME Internet browser. This will allow our users to connect to differents blockchains, differents wallets, differents Dapp all in one place, in a familiar and friendly environment of an internet browser. We believe its one of the keys for blockchain adoption.

About Pikcio

PikcioChain is a highly secure data exchange platform that constantly adapts to our clients’ needs.

We are pleased to announce you the listing of PKC on coinall.com .

CoinAll is the very first of the 100 OK Partner exchanges launched under the OKEx Open Partnership Program. Always putting the community, users, and project teams first, they are committed to building a fully transparent, community-run exchange platform, which empowers the community to self-manage, creating value and sharing returns altogether.

CoinAll shares all the user bases of OKEx, once a project is listed on CoinAll, it has automatically access to OKEx user base because every OKEx user can use their OKEx account to log into CoinAll and…

With all the concerns surrounding privacy and data use in the surveillance economy, consumers are exploring ways to control their own data. One of them being the adoption of identity apps. Smart individuals will want to do so without causing new problems for themselves, such as dealing with private keys or taking back their data from one set of tech vendors only to end up under the control of another. To avoid these and other potential problems, you should ask the following functional questions when considering a privacy-protecting identity app (we’ll cover technical questions in our next post):

What can I do with this app?

The big…

Before the release of our Pikcio Browser and the unveiling of our P2P network we believe the time is right to share our masternode plan with you.

Tokenized Masternode ownership

Each Masternode will be represented by a unique Token (NFT) on the Pikciochain. This way you can transfer the masternode to a different wallet, or even sell it to another user directly from our marketplace. Therefore the masternode status will have its own price on the market set by users that wants to join/leave at a fixed price.

By tokenizing our Masternode, we enable :

  • Agility and an easy way…


The personal data chain

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