Token swap is completed !

Aug 2 · 1 min read

A new contract for PKC token has been released.

New token PKX has been distributed in Neo wallets according to snapshot from Neo block 4067688. Around 6000 wallets received PKX.

From now on, the PKC token will deprecated for PKX Token, PKC is no longer valuable.

Here is the process to add new token on Neon

  1. Neon settings
  2. Manage tokens

3. Add new token

4. Paste this Hash 39e27f01420ffda3943bcf81e7254769a88437fb

5. Save

Note : If your tokens were on exchanges (Coinall, Coinbene) or in Switcheo smart contract, everything has been taken care and you should already have your tokens there.

We added a new feature to the contract, it will enable the ability to stack for masternodes until mainnet.

We expect trading to resumes around 08/08 on switcheo, Coinall and Coinbene.

Thank you for your support,


Pikcio team

Join our telegram channel and visit our website to test our browser !!


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