Life Lessons: Taught by a young one of pigeon in absolute silence

It was cold Delhi winters and having gone through the nights of utter cacophony & extreme restlessness, me and my mom decided to fix the problem for once and all. The problem, as lame as it could get, arose since a pigeon had find a cozy corner in the space between AC outer body and the roof ceiling outside our room and ended up creating a small birdhouse there.

One fine day we cleaned up the nest(grass, wood, lumbers, droppings) from the top and got the place properly revved up, as flapping of bird wings and their spooky cooing throughout the night didn’t let us sleep.

It seemed like we had fixed the problem and would be able to sleep in peace from now on just to realize that two days later, cacophony had again made a hostile comeback.

Not able to bear it anymore, we decided to stuff thermocol in that void leaving no vacant space at all. With the help of a ladder, we got thermocol stuffed there and stacked it in a manner such that it is not toppled by the wind. The next 2 few days felt like redemption and we felt accomplished after having gone through sleepless nights because of unbridled tumult from the squabs.

To our dismay the cooing started again from the 3rd day and this time the place was even more cosier for them because of the stuffed thermacoal that gave them additional warmth. We felt helpless and out of options and next two days lived in extreme agony.

Few days later, my mom saw that thermocol had fallen down from the top and along with it the young one of pigeon had fallen off too. Consequently its ankle was twisted and it wasn’t able to stand/walk and hence could not fly either. The sight gave shivers to our spine and we cursed ourselves for putting a thermocol there. The young one looked too weak and its survival looked grim.

Now came the phase where from once getting rid of the pigeon, now we were taming it in a hope for its survival. My mom fed young one daily with water and corns so that it recovers soon. I read on vet forums and found out that it might take 14 days for its limb to recover properly and for it to be able to fly again. We waited in anticipation each day and prayed for its survival. After few days we saw the change in its health and the young one looked much better growing rotund. We felt relaxed at heart and felt happy that the young one was recovering at a good pace. My mom made it a routine to feed the young one daily.

One fine morning when my mom went to the balcony to feed the young one, it was not there anymore and had already taken the road to damascus. For a moment my mom felt so terrible because the young one had become a part of family and when it flew away, it’s absence was felt but at the same time we were delighted that we could return back the flight of young one.

Moral: Having gone through this entire journey, I realized how our priorities change in life and how often we have to mould ourselves according to the situation.