Our thoughts on the holiday you probably didn’t know existed.

Internet Day—What Is It?

It was October 29, 1969.

In many fields — medicine, technology, astronomy — scientists were exploring new frontiers. The vastness of space had captured the hearts and minds of a generation as two powerful nations raced to the stars. Just a few months earlier, millions of Americans had watched as Neil Armstrong walked upon the face of the moon.

But a different kind of universe was unfolding closer to home, at the Stanford Research Institute. A universe of connected networks, launching 20th century communication into a new stratosphere. …

Introducing An Engineering Milestone In Commercial Telecom

We’re excited to announce Real-Time Fiber Monitoring across our entire access fiber network through the use of out-of-band optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) from our data center.

While many carriers deploy this kind of technology to monitor backhaul for their cell sites, we are one of the first providers to add functionality over our access network. The Pilot team, with help from our partner ADVA, has been hard at work to test and implement the Real-Time Fiber Monitoring system, a technology required for us to automate the monitoring and triangulation of fiber-related outages…


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