The new Parrot MiniDrone’s with Maximum Style!!

You will be pleased to hear that earlier this month Parrot announced an exciting new range of cool and unusual MiniDrone’s. In total there are thirteen innovative toys, some stand alone and some are connected and we have both drones and robots to drool over.

Pilotdrone HQ thinks Parrot have been watching plenty “Pimp My Ride” because in essence that’s what the difference is between the new and the old. Each drone has it’s own unique capabilities and is styled to match! Parrot are also breaking new ground with their first water based drone which is a cool contraption combining a hydrofoil boat with a MiniDrone.

We will be doing some in depth analysis on features and each drone’s unique talents over the coming days, but for now take a look at what’s coming your way on PilotDrone in August!!

Airborne Cargo Drones

These 2 mini quadcopters have been designed to carry out cargo missions, whether that’s your lego pirate, or building blocks the drones are designed to carry them anywhere. Along with this they hit speeds of up to 11mph, have a fast charging mode of 25 minutes and can still perform 180 degree stunts in a flash. The taxi like design is called “Travis” with the spaceship design called “Mars”.

Airborne Night Drones

Parrot upped their game in this category pimping out 3 different designs. All have powerful LED lights which activate via the app allowing you to explore the shadows or quite simply scare someone to death. The intensity of the lights can be adjusted so signals can be sent between your squadron of Airborne Drones. The bright red and yellow themes drone is called “Blaze”, the stealthlike black version is called “Swat” and finally the blue Police like drone is called “McClane”

Jumping Race Drones

Not to be outdone the Jumping Sumo pimps are all about speed in this case. The new Jumping Sumo race drone’s can reach up to 8mph when BOOST mode is activated (had to use Caps). The fun doesn’t stop there, they have an embedded speaker and microphone so you can talk and listen whilst they speak and make animated robot noises. I can’t stop thinking of people being freaked out by a talking robot wandering up to them on the street. As far as style goes we have a Ferrari styled bot called “Max”, another taxi styled drone called “Tuk-Tuk” and finally a white flaming insectoid called “Jett”.

Jumping Night Drones

As with the MiniDrone’s we have a selection of nocturnal Jumping Sumo’s. Powerful LED lights that are adjustable allow you to see in the dark and they can signals letting your squad leader know the coast is clear and it’s time to strike. The robot’s speed hits 4mph and it is capable of taking video in the dark with the help of those LED lights. As with the race drone’s an embedded microphone and speaker gives you the opportunity to really spice things up. The Blue & Yellow military themed bot is called “Diesel”, the white space like drone is called “Buzz” and the red and yellow insectoid is called “Marhsall”.

Hydrofoil Drones

Land and Air conquered Parrot haven’t stopped there with there all new Hydrofoil Drones. Not only are they cool and new they also involve an airborne drone for operation. Place your Minidrone on top of the hydrofoil boat and start it’s engines, the hinged top section of the Hydrofoil will raise up and using 4 powerful drone engine’s off you go sailing along. The design allows it to stay 50cms above the surface with great stability. Because the water resistance is reduced so much the boat can reach maximum speeds of 5.4 knots (6 mph) and turn in a flash. When you fancy a change you can unclip the drone and fly around the skies with the MiniDrone at 11mph. Our black speed boat is called “Orak” and the white and wood effect hydrofoil is “Newz”.

As soon as we get our hands on one we will blog the test report until then, pick your favourite and let us know what you think of the new designs!! If your interested in pre-ordering stock please contact the team. For more news, catch us over on twitter, until next time!!

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